Q: What is the cost to submit your movie to CineXposé Film Festival?

A: While there are many other Film Festival of similar nature in the industry, this is where ours is unique. We at Dead Talk Media LLC understand that these are trying times for many people, including independent filmmakers. For this and several other reasons, the inaugural CineXpose Film Festival is completely FREE to all filmmakers to submit their movies. All we ask is that our rules be followed.


Q: What are the film length rules for CineXposé?

A: We accept all Indie Horror Films – from shorts below 10 minutes, to feature-length movies close to 2-hours long – so long as it’s true to independent horror, CineXposé welcomes it.


Q: What are the film submission dates for CineXposé?

A: Film submission acceptance is now open! Submissions will be accepted on our Website and all our Social Media channels until further notice and our actual festival dates are announced.


Q: If my film was submitted to a different film festival, is it eligible for CineXposé?

A: Yes – all Indie horror movies are eligible for CineXposé, so long as they are not incomplete, and they have not been shown on a pay-per-view platform.


Q: Do I need to physically submit a movie to CineXpose?

A: We accept online links to films only. Filmmakers may enter private or unlisted YouTube links or password protected Vimeo links when completing the submission form. Links must work properly, remain active and be accessible throughout entire Festival season (at least until November 30, 2022) or risk disqualification.


Q: Will there be a physical CineXposé Film Festival I can attend?

A: Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 crisis, CineXposé will be a virtual film festival. Additionally, our film festival is a “by invitation only” event for industry professionals and a select number of our fans. We will be holding contests on Social Media very soon for exclusive access to our event. Our event audience will also be our judges, deciding our winners.


Q: When will CineXposé take place?

A: As of this writing, actual virtual festival dates are December 15 – 18, 2022. Stay tuned to our Website or to one of our Social Media channels for updates.


Q: Who decides the winner of CineXposé?

A: As we are a company built by horror fans for horror fans, we are firm believers that our film festival should be judged by the fans, or in this case, our “by invitation only” audience. Therefore, post festival, our audience will vote for the winners.


Q: Will there be more than one (1) winner at CineXposé?

A: Absolutely! We will have 4 grand prize winners – each who will win a spot on our “Indie Horror” themed special edition episode of Dead Talk Live. Additionally media projects with the most votes (which include our Grand Prize Winners) will be produced by Dead Talk Media LLC into some of our other upcoming projects. Film shorts might be combined into anthology style films, or might be included in our upcoming anthology TV series. So there will be many winners at the CineXposé Film Festival.


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